Dorset Trailer Training O7841458306 Your Car and Trailer(B&E) Specialist

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£40 Per Hour

Training is charged at £40 per hour on a pay as you go basis. Payment can be cash, cheque or Bac transfer. Unfortunately we do not accept credit or debit cards. We offer a pay as you go system to ultimately save you money. You will only pay for the lessons you require. If you have past experience in towing a trailer you are looking at around just 9 hours in total with the DSVA test at £115, you can realistically pass your test for as little as £475 in total. If you don’t have any experience and have only recently passed your category B test you will need around 12 hours a total with test fees paid of £595 Remember with our pay as you go system you will only pay what you need, It is possible to train over 3 days and take your test on the third.
Alternatively you could spread your training over 2-3 weeks taking a three hour training lesson a week. Whatever route you decide we are fully flexible to meet your needs. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.